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   Mouse: Magnesium Transportable. 3 click together pieces each weighing 7kgs. Ideal indoors and shopping centres. Fits in any car

     Rabbit: The small robust scooter with Lion performance. Magnesium and Carbon Fibre. 30 k range Lots of power. Fits in any car 

   Esteem:  Available in magnesium and steel versions. 11kph 70 amp 24 volt. Four wheel independent suspension. The original innovative concept.

    Montana:  Available in magnesium and steel versions  15kph 70 amp 36 volt. Four wheel independent suspension. This is the worlds best scooter

   Tycoon:  Magnesium and carbon fiber version. 13kph  110 amp 24 volt  independent rear suspension

    Rare earth motor and DC permanent magnet versions available         Design and production variations available to suit different market  

    Lotus Blake scooters are known as the Number 1 product. Advanced engineering. No compromise to quality. Extended Durability.