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  Our team of talented people set out to create mobility scooters that are safer, smoother and easier to use.   The outcome is stunning.  World leading products in every way. And by a long way.

Lotus Blake scooters uses patented advanced balance technology to create the most stable scooter ever designed. This is a remarkable step forward in small electric vehicle design. It creates a stability and ride comfort that simply obsoletes older designs.

Most scooters today run quite simple steering and suspension designs more akin to a billy cart. The Lotus Blake designs are more like a modern sports car. Quite simply this results in a scooter that is far more stable, goes exactly where you steer it, is easy to control, absorbs shocks and bumps and provides a ride comfort not imagined before. Durability and strength are greatly increased.

All components are specifically designed to be superior. Magnesium and carbon fiber composites are now incorporated in the latest  designs. Take for example the wheel rims built by Lotus Blake. A lightweight design using advanced alloys with integrated hub. About half the weight of current rims. Combined with strong  and lighter stub axles and control arms this more than halves the un sprung weight creating a float on air ride comfort. An advanced concept in scooter design.

No detail has been overlooked in the total design of our scooter. This is not a copy of a copy. All facets of chassis function and design have been carefully considered by a team of skilled and motivated engineers creating a totally new design that quite frankly obsoletes most older scooters.

Lotus Blake is now a world renowned niche engineering and manufacturing firm. Our products enjoy a cult following in the markets. Customers are adoring of the product.

Real Quality isn't expensive. Its Priceless

Patents apply or have been applied for most of the design innovations.