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  The success of our recent technologies and manufacturing process's has spurred us to invest strongly in even more advanced technologies.

The Tycoon sports mobility released in August 2009 has set a new standard. Now in its 4th generation, an instant classic. Customers love this product. The technology contained in this product is simply cutting edge. The original design concept at first seemed impossible. A large powerful scooter that could be easily transported in a small car and provide exceptional range and battery life whilst being operated in severe terrain with large loads. The outcome is just stunning.

Several new products that progress these and further technologies are in development now.

Our new Rabbit scooter has revolutionized how a small transportable scooters should be.This product has fast set a new standaard in lightweight yet sturdy powerful transportable scooters. Amazing new product with instant market success.  

The 3 wheel indoor mouse is the easiest ever scooter to transport and use indoors and on flat surfaces. Great for shopping centres, cruise ships, retirement homes. 3 integrated pieces weigh just a mere 7 kg each. This is the lightest easiest indoor scooter ever.