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    Lotus Blake is a Letrix Power Group company tasked with innovation in the design of small electric vehicles.

Our headline designs, the remarkable Esteem and Montana scooters, surely lead the world in scooters. Advanced and unique products with a patented 50-50 weight distribution front to rear. Considerably more stable than any existing mobility scooter. The market leader in many markets

A niche firm with creative and talented people outputting world leading products that have achieved a cult following. Cooperation with many world class institutions has dramatically advanced small electric vehicles in recent times. New ideas and the very latest technologies are used with real effect. What was once imagined is now a reality.

Once exotic materials abound. Lightweight magnesium and carbon fibre. A cutting edge rare earth motor sets a benchmark in electric vehicles into the future..

The Tycoon scooter breaks all the boundary's in small electric vehicle design. A remarkable achievement from a group of highly motivated young engineers.

Over the past 18 years we have developed and progressed many successful side products. From racing car steering parts and golf course maintenance products through to carbon fiber hockey sticks.

Our team thrives on taking the ordinary and making it extraordinary.